52010+ housing societies now use Digital Gate to manage their

Staff, Visitors, Deliveries, Accounts, Complaints

We are Available for all types of Visitors
D-Gate Visitors Management
  • Manage your flat visitors with information to use, clean and automatic border inside the Application.
  • It is a Digital key for Visitors Management and substitutes the conventional Visitor Entry book, after getting confirmed by the flat/property owner then only allow the gate keeper inside the community premises.
  • Visitor/Add visitor
    Replace the intercom and register book for a technologically-forward solution that makes it easy for residents to participate in the process of approving their visitors.
  • Verify unexpected visitors
    The process is also simplified for visitors that simply reach at the gate give the personal details name, profile photo and mobile number purpose of visit. Residents receive a notification on their Digital gate app Inbox messages, requesting them to approve their entry. One click and they’re in.
  • Even visitor vehicle number details also capture/collected at the gate if he want enter with his/her vehicle.